Which plasma cutter to buy hmmm

Hi everyone. Just assembled my Crossfire Pro and have been playing with Fusion360. I was about to fire it up, wired in my Lotus ltp5000d & learned that was a big no-no. Glad I understand not to use a HF machine before I hurt my new CNC!
Time to buy a new plasma cutter. Been doing a little research and I know Hypertherm is going to be my best long run option.
But I’m looking to buy an intermediate machine before diving into that price point. :thinking:
So I’m looking for something that’ll get near daily use, for my new business, cutting mostly 16g & 14g mild steel. Rarely will I cut thicker with the CNC. I’ll do the thicker stuff by hand with my old LOTUS.

Seems the EVERLAST, RAZORCUT60(NEW MODELS) & RAZORWELD 45 get a lot of praise here. Hopefully wiring these will be a easy as the LOTUS was. (Except the 45, I know that’s plug n play)
Looking for anyone with advice and experience with those machines. Thank you.

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If buying a hypertherm is even a thought I wouldn’t bother with the intermediary piece of equipment I just work out the money right now for the hypertherm


If you are going to buy an intermediary piece of equipment by an everlast 62 I or 82I.


Buy the Hypertherm and all your trouble is over.


I have a rw45 and feel like it does a good job. I would probably have gone with a Everlast if I would have done the research like you are. But as now I really have no complaints on the RW 45

Thank you I appreciate your feedback. I also appreciate your responses in so many other threads. I’m learning a lot. I’m so close to pulling the trigger and that Everlast is looking good… but the Hypertherm is just calling out to me. I’m a 1st year business and finally doing pretty ok. So 3k is a bit intimidating. I’ll have to eat nothing but Ramen for several months. :laughing:

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I’ll appreciate the reply. I know, eventually, I’ll keep upgrading until finally i end up with a hypertherm. But dude that thing is expensive oy. From the comments on the forum it sounds like yours is pretty solid.

Haha that’s the theme, im getting the impression :laughing:

I do wish I had 65 amp machine but I only need that about once a year. I will be getting a new torch from George here shortly so I can use fine cut consumables.

Welcome to the forum and your new steady diet of fill-in-your-spare-time with thinking and learning about CNC plasma cutting.

I have lived by the philosophy of buying the best you can afford and it will save money in the long run.

Now you almost know too much about plasma cutters: If you don’t buy Hypertherm, your first hiccup with cutting issues, you will be second guessing whether that issue would have happened had you bought “Hypertherm.” Each time it happens, it will naw at you until you finally get the Hypertherm.

That is the first part of saving money. The second part is less waisted metal when your consumables are spent causing your project to be ruined midway through. And third, the extra piercings you get with Hypertherm requiring less consumables.

I have a Hypertherm 45XP and have felt very fortunate that when I have an issue, blaming the plasma cutter never comes up until I have ruled most everything else out. That has really simplified my learning curve.

If you really don’t have the money right now: Everlast seems to be a very sound choice.


Do you ever factor in how much use you will get out of a tool?

Tell me what you would do here, you have a job and need a band file, now you maybe can find a use for this in the future but maybe not, maybe it will just sit in your tool box.

Do you buy this one

or do you buy this one

You can afford both!


I run hypertherm 45xp and haven’t had any problems in last year. Only issue i ran into was moisture and solved that issue. if you can afford the money up front it will save you a lot of trouble in future. I do this for fun and i wanted it to be fun and not a hair pulling event when i go to cut something. Nothing wrong with other plasma cutters just my experience with Hypertherm.

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I bought this one.
Astro Tools 3037 Air Belt Sander (1/2" x 18") with 3pc Belts (#36, #40 & #60) Amazon.com
But I see your point. What I failed to stress is similar to what Don stated:

If I end up being aggravated, I will go out and buy the expensive one; thus having spent the cheaper amount and then the more expensive amount. Aggravating events waste energy & time. Us old guys don’t know how much of either that we have left!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I see now, you have more money then time. Me on the other hand have more time than money!

I knew it had to do with money all along! :rofl:


Buy the Hypertherm. You’re money ahead in the long run. Yes, it’s pricey but it’s pricier to buy two machines.


I started out a long while back with an Everlast 50. Thought it was pretty good. Then I used the company Hypertherm 45XP…Night and day difference.

Made me rethink the Everlast was a lot overstated and was closer to 30a.

Buy Once, Cry Once.