Which laptop use?

I picked up a Crossfire about a month ago. Been to sick to use it. I am wanting to know which Laptop works with the Crossfire. I am just not all that familiar with computers. I do know that the laptop must have a pretty decent graphics card and I am trying to budget a 1000 bucks to the laptop.

To ‘run’ your Crossfire all you need is a plain vanilla laptop running Windows, 7,8, or 10, it doesn’t matter because all you need to run on it is Mach 3.

To ‘create’ files for your CrossFire, the minimal system is laptop with about 2.3GHz speed, a decent graphics card (but even sucky intel Graphics will work) and at least 4GB of memory to run Windows 7, Inkscape, and SheetCam. If you’re unlucky enough that you can only get Windows 10 on your system then you need at least Quad Core and 8GB of memory. I have no comment if you want to run Fusion 360.


I just ordered this 5 minutes ago are you running windows 7 I have the option to run 10. What do you think?

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I just read the specs on your new laptop and on the operating system you really have no option. This laptop is already equipped with windows 10. What do I think? I would leave as is because if you were to down grade then you will start having all kinds of problems such as missing or corrupt files, missing drivers, hardware issues, & etc. Also on that “S Mode” option I would definitely check into that because somewhere on this forum someone was having issues with it like there software would not run with it either in the on or off mode. Can’t remember which but I would check into if you run into any problems. Good luck!:wave:

Thank You again, you have been very helpful.

yeah you don’t want windows 10 S. You want either windows 10 home or Pro.


I use I mac pro