Where to post a crossfire for sale?

Hi I have a Crossfire table that I need to sell. Its awesome, I love it, its a great table. I bought it and used it a handful of times- never really mastered it. Unfortunately my circumstances have changed and I just don’t need it/ cant use it. I am in the northern Virginia area. Comes with a plasma cutter

is this the right place to make a for sale post? Or any tips as to where?

There isn’t a separate category for selling stuff so this is as good as any other.
It might help if you list specifics. If it’s a 2x2 Table with a Mach 3 controller, point this out. Does it include THC? You say it includes a Plasma cutter, which one will make a difference.

Thank you TomWS,
I will take some pictures and make another post with more details.

I am interested and also in Northern Va.