Where to buy borax in bulk

Howdy y’all.
Anyone know where to buy Borax in bulk? Maybe by the bucket.

I reached out to US Borax and they directed me to Univar Solutions. Their web site has a few options in 25 kg bags. I am going to call them Monday to see if they know what I would want to buy.

Anyone ever been down this road?

This is what I think I should buy.


Uh, how much borax do you think you need???

Head down to home depot and bag a small bag. Throw a few scoops in every now and then and you’re good to go.

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I can only find Borax in small boxes around me. I use a 3 cups of Borax every time I fill it.

I drain my water table regularly/when it will be a long time between use. It is in my garage and I like to keep area and the machine clean. Also, it cost what I consider to be a lot of money and want it to last.

amazon: borax bulk

A half a cup is probably overkill.

Last time I used 2 cups in 15 gallons water and got a brown froth float and rusted slats.

My table only holds 7.

If you drain regularly then no reason to put anything in the water table. The water tables are aluminum or stainless depending which version you have. The angle pieces holding the slats are aluminum or stainless. The slats just don’t matter. Even with surface rust those 1/8" pieces might outlast the electronics in future years unless the dross and cut-throughs get excessive.