Where is everyone from?

Hi Im just wondering where all these machines are at or going to be. Im in North central Missouri about 30 miles south of the Iowa line.

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Cape Cod

Sandwich, MA

Originally I was a Masshole from Framingham Massachusetts however shortly after my first daughter was born we moved down to the York Pennsylvania area. That was roughly 28 years ago!

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Southern Oregon coast.

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Northcentral CT.

Want to move to NC (Blue Ridge mountains) but elderly father-in-law can’t move so we’re here for awhile longer.

Montesano WA… upper left of the lower 48 :thinking:… it rains a lot up here, but the pacific northwest is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been!

Golden Colorado… live up in the mountains and have a small 20x30’ shop i built :slight_smile:


West end of Phoenix, AZ.

Middlebury, Vermont I just converted my 2 car garage into a shop

Medina,New York between buffalo and rochester

Newville, Pa here.

Between Carlisle and Shippensburg

West Michigan, Grand Rapids area


Did some tuning and I love this machine!

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Not to Hijack the thread but interesting!

TAD1 it looks like you have 6 posts but I don’t see any of them pertaining to your “tuning” shame on you. You should start a thread and explain what you have going on there!


Thanks, It got complicated,
Fortunately I live in west Michigan where anything CNC can be machined

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Im in good old jackson, michigan.

Born and raised in Montana, once a Montanan always a Montanan!

Near Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia!


South Richmond, VA for the next couple years!