Where does Firecontrol get the THC programmed speed from?

I programmed 140 ipm, used sheet cam to slow down holes to 56 ipm. Firecontrol thinks my programmed speed is F56. Even weirder I manually changed g-code file on notepad from 56 to 30 and it still Firecontrol still thinks my program speed is 56. Any clue as to why this happens?

2nd question is how do I disable firecontrol thc speed comp all together so I can let sheet cam path rules do all the work, would changing speed % from 85 to 0 work?

The program I was testing just makes a simple 0.281 dia hole and nothing to do with THC but I noticed this issue while testing so I need to figure this out now before I get into complex shapes.

G90 G94
G20 (Units: Inches)
G0 X-0.0 Y-0.0

G92 Z0.
G38.2 Z-5.0 F100.0
G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0.0 (IHS Backlash)
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
G4 P0.2
G1 Z0.06 F150.0 (Cut Height)
G1 Y0.0 F140.0
G3 X-0.0753 Y0.0753 I-0.0377 J0.0377
G3 X-0.1065 Y-0.0 I0.0753 J-0.0753 F56.0
G3 X-0.0 Y-0.1065 I0.1065 J0.0
G3 X0.1065 Y0.0 I-0.0 J0.1065
G3 X-0.0 Y0.1065 I-0.1065 J-0.0
G3 X-0.0753 Y0.0753 I0.0 J-0.1065
G3 X-0.1064 Y0.0036 I0.0753 J-0.0753 F140.0
G3 X-0.0241 Y-0.0338 I0.0599 J0.0225
G4 P0.5
G0 Z1.0
M5 M30

I don’t do my cam through sheetCAM but it is asking for a program speed of 56 .
56 is going to be what the torch height looks at for its 85%.
I’m sure the sheetCAM guys can give you some insight

I am confused then, my standard speed is 140 (G1 Y0.0 F140.0), I have path rule to slow to 56 for this hole which kicks in just as the hole starts. Maybe I dont understand how Firecontrol works. How would I program this so Firecontrol knows 56 much lower than standard program speed. I cannot figure how to manually change the program speed on the touchscreen.

You set a path rule for it to slow to 56 for holes and the only thing in the program is a hole, so Sheetcam set the program speed at 56. The last line in the program (PS56) is where Firecontrol gets the program speed from. It doesn’t matter what other speeds are in the program.

If you have a program that does anything that requires the full program speed, then Sheetcam will show that speed in the last line.

If you want to shut off the THC, just toggle it off in Firecontrol. Never try to add path rules or code snippets to control the THC.

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