Where did you mount your Power Supply?

Where did you mount your plasma power supply?

I have an XR on the way and shop space is very much at a premium so I don’t really want to put the power supply on the floor or on a cart next to the table. I also don’t think I want it underneath the table in case a leak ever develops. Has anyone mounted their power supply above their table on a wall?

Thanks in advance!

I have mine on the floor but there are folks who have mounted it on a shelf on the wall next to their machines. I’ve seen several photos with that approach.

Early on I was at @ctgolfer 's shop and he had it mounted on the wall about 5ft up and hooked to the table. It’s handy for getting at the front panel for settings and keeps it well away from any water splash. I’ll be doing that in my next workshop.

Right now I roll the table into the center of the garage to use it and back against the wall to store it so I can’t mount the plasma unit in the wall.

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I recommend putting it on a shelf on the wall (strap it down). But this will all depend on how long your torch cable is and if you plan on running the torch through the link chain system. If you torch cable is to short then the best place would be a cart.

Also I hear the new Razorweld 45 will have a longer torch that comes with the XR tables.

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Mine is on wall.

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Mine is on wall

Looks great! How high is that off the water table?

I have a 25’ lead on my torch and I’d love to do something similar but I’m not sure how much cable chain the XR has on it. I’ll probably have to wait until it actually gets here to really know whether the above table mount is an option.

Its two feet above table, my torch is 25’ as well. No water on cutter or electrical.

This is my air filtration right now ,but getting ready to up grade filtration . will post pics when done.

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I also have my plasma mounted high up on the wall.
The Langmuir electronics are mounted behind the larger monitor on the wall.
If you’re mounting it up on the wall just watch that you don’t block the actual cooling vents.
The hypertherm PowerMax only has cooling vents on the left hand side.
You can see on the left hand of the picture I have a 1 inch black iron pipe running from the compressor then just didn’t want any pressure loss from where my compressor was sitting to plasma. I already have some moisture mitigation equipment that eats up a lot of my static pressure. So I tried to reduce the overall static pressure wherever I can.