When is batch 2 shipping?

I’m order # 2235. Table & water tray only. Are there any estimates on when I may get this?

From what I’ve read Batch 2 is estimated to begin shipping Sept. 20th

My date is 10/1. I’m a happy boy :grin:

I actually have to do some wiring and cleaning of the garage to get ready. Good project for this weekend.

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Hi there, Batch 2 orders will begin shipping Sept 20th. They will ship in numerical order through Nov 20th. Please check back with us after Sept 20th for an estimated shipping window for your particular order.

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Does this mean that all Batch 2 ordered units will be shipped by November 20th?

I ordered my unit in sept. I am not sure what my ship number is. Do you know how I can find out what my ship number is?

I think it is your order number.

Thru nov 20th. If you log into your acct you can find your order number

Thank You. I found my email from sept. I am 3053. I hope to receive my system soon. Robotics season is starting and we will use the plasma table for cutting custom parts.

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Im 2911 and anxiously waiting

Were you told the shipment would be in November?

langmuir-megan langmuir-megan
October 17
If you ordered at a time when the website said “Orders placed now will ship in Nov”, then yes, it will still ship by Nov 30th. If you ordered/order at time when the website says “Orders placed now will ship in December” - then those order will ship from us in December! Thanks!

Super , that is great news. Thank You