When entire project completes, torch continues to fire (solved)

Hi, This doesn’t happen all the time, but at the end of a program run the torch rises up but the touch is just continuing to fire. I try pressing any buttons in firec control such a pause or stop, but they either are greyed out or unresponsive. The touch continuing to fire once the program completes, feels like an eternity before it stops, but I think it varies and seems to be anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds. It doesn’t happen all the time, and it has occurred on different nc files even ones I’ve had in the past which never showed this issue before. Anything recommend I look at to see what the issue is?

Do you have a USB isolator installed on the USB cable? That is where I would start. Sounds like EMI issue.

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I just replied to another post you made at about the same time which lead me to believe it didn’t cut at all past the pierce. This is a much different problem. As @Bigdaddy2166 says a USB isolator is a good start but I would get into the THC Troubleshooting flow chart to resolve this. I have attached it for you.


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Apologies for the way I posted. I will not do that anymore going forward. I do use the original USB cable but I have it draped through the laptop stand. Not sure if that would cause interference. Do I buy a insulator for both ends of the cable? I will go look at the THC troubleshooting flow chart. Thanks.

Should I close this post and come back with responses on my other posts?

Thank you

Most people on here say your USB cable should definitely not touch any part of the table frame. I can concur as I had more issues back before I knew this and isolated mine from the frame.

Your were right that was the problem. thanks!

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