When cuttin Aluminum, Powder is settling on rails and binding the carrage up

So basically ive cut 12 sheets of 4’ X 8’ and 1 4’ X 10’ aluminum 6061 3/16" or .191" and during this time about 3-4 sheets in i notice on the rails where the bearings for the arm and for the carriage flakes of aluminum were starting to appear and then the carriage started to do weird stuff specifically stop and on its on volition go again in any direction it was on based on the program so when it thought it was at 1,1 it might have been at 20,20 electronically. So discovered that the layers of aluminum dust were being crushed and slowly incrementally increasing the thickness of the square tubing that the bearings roll on and eventually making them too large any idea or what does everyone else do to prevent this

Do you have a water tray?

I had this too. I kept it wiped clean. Also when I put the new parts for the XL kit on I waxed everything with car wax so grime doesn’t stick to it now like it did before

yes i do but after cutting all i can out of 1 sheet its still alot of build up on those slides