Whats the recommended PC for use with FireControl?

Morning Gents, so we have a crossfire pro coming to our shop and i’ve been tasked with finding a solid pc to serve as our FireControl station. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks

@Walkerdd welcome to the forum

Almost any mini pc, laptop or desktop made in the last 10 years will run FireControl.

mini pc s are a popular choice.

I started with a old windows laptop , now I have a gaming/creator laptop remotely running my table UI.

They question is .

Will you only use this computer for FireControl?

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Thanks bud, For awhile at least but my boss did say he would like to be able to run fusion related software suites, probably design related. I sent him a pretty decent build, its a desktop with a Intel i7 cpu, Asus B560 mobo, 16gb of ram, and a 3050 gpu… M.2 NVME for the drive of course

How do you go about setting up and running it remotely? if you dont mind me asking

you need a docking station .


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