Whats everyone think? Im trying to find a design that appeals to everyone


I think you’ve failed.

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Lol any suggestions moving forward?

I think it looks good and wouldn’t give two f’s what anyone who doesn’t like it thinks…


Thank you sir , i like that response as well lol

looks good maybe change the 2 alittle i mean i know what its suppose to be but not sure its a 2 lol

Thats just because of the grout in the tile its on. A better back drop would make for a better pic

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First of all, thanks for the message, in this time it’s appalling to see people wanting to give up their rights and so many politicians willing to break their oath to defend the Constitution.
I have to think about the “Law and Order” part, can you explain it? That wording is typically associated with government action.
The design and cut seem to be done pretty well, with all the tabs in the right place

I don’t believe something that appeals to everyone even exists. not even a little bit. Make what appeals to you and put it out there so you can see that you are not alone. III%

that looks good. maybe some powder coating and a backing plate with some led strip on the back of what im looking at now reflecting off the backplate. mind the colors for the back glow yeah.

8th grade civics class. a boring rehash of insecure masculinity.