What version of Windows is everyone using?

I’m curious what version of Windows everyone is using for the laptop to control the machine and run Mach3? I’m currently getting setup, and am going to repurpose and old laptop I have laying around that still has Windows XP or Windows 7 (been too long since I last booted it up), so I was curious if there’s any benefits from one version over the others?

Question back at you…what table do you have to run MACH3?
90% of the people here are running Fircontrol…

Sorry, should have clarified - I am running it on a 2x2 CrossFire. I already have a version of Mach3 that I used for my woodworking CNC, so am very familiar with the program (and how well it runs on my old computers). But if Firecontrol is what most people use, I will definitely look into that as well (does that program work on older versions of Windows well?). Thanks!

before you start downloading Fircontrol…
you said you have a 2x2 crossfire…is it currently running on MACH3…then leave it on MACH3…the old crossfire tables will not run Firecontrol.

as for what windows version MACH# runs on…I can not answer that…I run a Pro table with Firecontrol

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I run my Mach3 systems on Windows 7. Sadly gave up XP years ago… Although Mach3 probably runs on XP.

But, as @toolboy points out, is this a relatively new crossfire or an old one? Only the old ones use Mach3, the newer ones (about a year old or so) run with a different controller and MUST use FireControl to control them. I’m not entirely sure Firecontrol runs on Windows 7.

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I just got a pro last week and I am playing around with windows 7 at the moment and it works but you will need to fiddle around with the drivers to get it going. The one problem I have run into is my computer I am using needs a graphics card that has an open GL driver so firecontrol can display the visual of the part to be cut. So, I will be eather putting in a card or more likely getting a newer computer with Win 10 on it.

Ah, that makes sense, thanks! Is it an old system? ISTM that even the built-in Intel video driver has the ability to select Open GL as an option, but I could be wrong about that.

Yea it’s an old 2008 Dell my wife had in her office. Last it ran was 2014 the mother board battery was dead. got it up and running but the built-in graphics’ card is too old for new drivers, and I checked with Dell and the motherboard can’t handle a newer OS. so, it will be going to the scrap pile.

I’ve got Mach3 running on XP (CNC Mini Mill), Windows 10 (Plasma Table)
I use Dell Optiplex PCs normally on the shop-floor. My two Toughbooks are also setup to run the machines in a crunch, the CF-52 is XP and the CF-31 is Win10

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And none of them are running FireControl… :wink:

Mach3 all the way for me!
Lots of good used Del Optiplex out there on Ebay with Win 10 on-board Prices start from about $50 up. I just bought one a couple weeks ago as a spare $55, in great condition :grin:

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