What software to buy?

If you were just starting out like I am, what software would you start with? I purchased the CrossFire Pro and I am starting to see where people are getting a bit unhappy with the changes to Fusion 360. Then I noticed people are using SheetCam and also Inkscape. I paid what is good money for me to purchase this Cnc Plasma Cutter so I don’t mind spending a bit extra to end up with the easiest and or user friendly software. Thanks for your time and thoughts!

Sheetcam and inkscape…inkscape is free.sheet can is very inexpensive buy it through Langmuir


I think your investment is going to influenced by your usage. Are you commercial or a hobby user? Do you make technical drawings or do you work on artwork pieces? If you do both, what is priority?

I bought Fusion360 when it was on 50% discount a while back…I like it and don’t mind paying for it so I don’t have to deal with the ‘free’ limitations (as they say…you get what you pay for)…but I also have sheetcam and like it. If you are a hobby user, Inkscape / Sheetcam seems like a good low cost combo. I use Adobe Illustrator, but Inkscape is similar and you can do some great stuff with it.

You can still use free Fusion360 (or another CAD) for technical drawings - I don’t think any of the limitations affect CAD(esign) portion for plasma users but I’ve heard the CAM (which sheetcam replaces) is restricted somewhat on the speeds in the free version. So (free) F360 + (paid) Sheetcam is another popular low cost combo.

If you are a business user, time is money, so buy good tools…


Just starting out learning the process as a hobbyist / side job money.