What size is "fine Cut"

There seems to be a lot of people using the phrase “fine Cut Consumables” what exactly makes it “fine Cut” I understand the narrower kerf width and all, But what size tips are they? should I assume that the smallest tips I can run in a given amp range will give me the best cuts? Specific answers and information would be fantastic.

Well you already know that the smaller the orifice size the lower the amp rating the finer the cut. Now some plasma cutter like the Hypertherm 45XP has a 45 amp standard tip and a so called 45 amp fine cut tip. The IPT/PTM style torch’s on some plasma cutters has different size tips. This is to get thinner kerf on thinner metal for a finer cut. Now on the Razorweld X45 torch you only have one size cutting tip to do all your cutting so you will not get a fine cut on thinner metal because the orifice hole in the tip is about .040" so it does not matter what the amp setting is your kerf is still .040" or wider.

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I’ve got the Crossfire and a Primeweld CUT60 with the machine torch. I’ve had trouble getting a toolpath on some small lettering. Even if you have “find cut” consumables F360 will still see the same torch when dermining if the cut can be made. How does one deal with that?

You have to tell Fusion the kerf width of the nozzle size that you are using.


When I got the CUT60 I believed the nozzle was a 0.055" so when I got the Crossfire that is what I entered for the torch. When I got the machine torch I never thought about the nozzle size. I just checked both. There is no size marked on the nozzle of the hand torch and the nozzle in the machine torch says “1.1” Is that in MM or just a proprietary number?


That’s literally the kerf width

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So it’s smaller that the 0.055 I entered for kerf width I set in F360. If I change the tool to 0.039" (1.1mm) F360 might let it cut in a tigher area? I notice Primeweld sells nozzles down to 0.6mm.

A 1.1mm is a 60 amp tip with a .045" orifice hole. So if you want a thinner cut you need to use a different tip like a 0.9mm/40 amp with a .035" orifice hole.

This is what I have found to work with most plasma cutter nozzles/tips that most people have in their shops or garages. NOTE: Orifice hole size 1mm = .03937"

20 amp tip - 0.6mm/.025" - 15 to 20 amps - 50 to 55 psi

30 amp tip - 0.8mm/.030" - 21 to 30 amps - 55 to 60 psi

40 amp tip - 0.9mm/.035" - 31 to 40 amps - 65 to 70 psi

50 amp tip - 1.0mm/.040" - 41 to 50 amps - 65 to 75 psi

60 amp tip - 1.1mm/.044" - 51 to 60 amps - 65 to 75 psi

70 amp tip - 1.2mm/.047" - 61 to 70 amps - 75 to 80 psi

80 amp tip - 1.3mm/.051" - 71 to 80 amps - 75 to 80 psi

Or check with your owners manual for settings.

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