What’s cause this to happen

could be several things. Maybe to low amps bad consumables wet air. What are your cut settings? What gauge are you cutting?

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16 gauge 30 amps

What speed are you using? Ground on the material?

How much cutting has your consumables done?


your running 200 IPM at 30 amps?

That might be a little fast for 30 amps
What plasma do you have

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Razor weld 45

i believe that should be like 70 IPM. check chart

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I’ll try it at 70 am getting new tips in today

When using my re 45 I cut 14 ga at 30 amps and 90 ipm which isnt much thicker than 16
. You may want to check your kerf also. Mine was more around .055


Ok I’ll check today and try it out

What air drying do you do ? Tips won’t last very long with moisture



i use 0.05 lead-in and no lead-out for almost everything. You might want to ask a few other what they use with RW45. i do a lot of cutting but seems everyone has their own little thing based off setup. You’ll have it dialed in soon.

Ok thanks i hope soon