What other machines does everyone have?

I have a small CNC mill that I bought from someone else who did the conversion. I ended up redoing all of the wiring and upgraded some of the electronics, along with the computer. I also designed and built a new stand with a enclosure. All 3 axis are servo controlled, and the main controller is from Centroid.

I also have a 500x700 60 watt laser cutter from china, which I use to cut cardboard and wood prototype parts out. I’ve also cut some delrin parts on it, and made some trophys.

And the last CNC machine I have, is a 3D printer that I built.

As for non CNC tools, I have a Millermatic 211 mig welder, it was my first real welder. A Primeweld Tig 225X, which I have been very happy with so far. A Quicny 60 gallon air compressor. And a Swag offroad 20 ton finger press brake.

I have spent the past month completely rearranging my garage, making room for a bigger welding table, and a crossfire table.

I can’t wait for my crossfire, which should be shipping next month.


Two 3d printers
A MPCNC for wood with optional laser for burning built in

Woodworker for 30 years and bowing out and letting son take over more now but this was our main machine. Busellato Jet RT200.


Redsail 60W 450mmX600mm laser, Shopbot Desktop CNC, Glowforge Pro laser.

Shop full of tools. All the normal stuff plus sand blasting cabinet, spray booth & oven for powder coating. Works well with the Crossfire :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh geez…currently not much
Torchmate 2x2
Torchmate 2x4per
Razorcut 45 x 2
Hypertherm Powermac 45
Razormig 180
Razorweld tig 200 ac/dc
CK MT-200 Tig ac/dc
Taig CNC mill x2
MaxNC 15 CNC mill (project)
Tevo Tornado 3dprinter
K40 Laser

And I think that about covers my toys

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Lol. I’m not gonna bother, its embarrassing. I have a problem…and I’m in denial.

My list of denial…

L-Tec 2x2 Optical Tracer
LS 2x2 Crossfire
HTP 221 Tig w/cooler
HTP 200 Pro Pulse mig
Hobart Airforce 625 Plasma
Snap on sand blast cab with an Eastwood vacuum
6x48x12 Grizzly Belt/Disc sander (Early 80’s Taiwan)
Grizzly cold saw
Multitool 2x24 Belt sander
14" 1/8-3/8 Press brake in an H Frame press
Bridgeport 2J 9x42
Clausing 16 Variable Speed Drill
Acer 14x40 Lathe with Constant Surface Speed DRO
Champion 80 Gal Compressor
Pexto 52" 16ga stomp Shear
DoAll 2013V Variable bandsaw
36" Bailegh Bead Roller
CP Planishing hammer
Bailegh 48" Mag Brake
Bailegh 52" Slip Rolls
36" English Wheel
Hossfeld Hydraulic 180 deg tube bender
Bendpak 10k Lift
3x4x1/4" Certiflat table

More hand tools that I can list…

I need help, I’ll just get it later after I’m dead. Lol!


You my friend have a very nice man cave

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Thank you Richard! Hope all is well man!

Doing well plasma cut four Harley style bar shield $#!t paper holders last night and powder coated then tonight. busy all the time and getting $#!t done. :grin:

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My list isn’t as long as some but I hold my own lol.

Bridgeport 1J
Leblonde 15x30
Scotchman 14” cold saw
Do all vertical band saw with welder
Hypertherm 1000G3
Hobart 140
Everlast 255EXT
Hand tools everywhere
Building a heavy engine stand currently, using the plasma table is making it super nice.
I have an end mill and lathe tool problem. They are everywhere. Auctions and Facebook market place are my nemesis! About to build a bigger shop to hold it all and my pulling tractor hopefully.


Hi i have one the same
What’s do You need? Now i have problem. I need to known Two things

1._ i need imagen. I have. Génesis evolution. 4.5. Windows 2000. Sp4. We need imagen. I Lost all.

2.-. what’s kind. Cpu and motherboard. BIOS do You used? A Lost cpu.

hmm, it is a bit of a list, but not quite as nice as some. I’ve gotten most of mine broken or on auction

lincoln power mig 300
lincoln 350mp (same as the power mig 300) with push-pull aluminum gun
Miller Synchrowave 300 TIG & water cooler, with programmer that I never use
lincoln 210 mp (portable unit) with stick & TIG
Bridgeport series 1J head, my first real mill & I never looked back!
Bridgeport Textron CNC converted to mach 4 CNC
Monarch 10 EE manual lathe
HES 20 manual lathe in restoration
Doall 16" vertical bandsaw
WF Wells horizontal bandsaw
Kone Cranes XY crane ($85 on auction, with 1/4 ton hoist!)
Wazer desktop water jet
Dyna Myte 2400 CNC mini mill
Hypertherm 65 waiting for the crossfire pro!

various wood working odds & ends

I did have to build an additional shop just for the metal working stuff, I outgrew the old arch building, and the new shop is insulated! A key feature at 7200 ft.

I admit a bit of a tool addiction, but I’d just spend the money on beer so why not!


Well let me see!
1- CrossFire Pro w/ RazorCut 45
1- Set of Blue Tips
1- 12 ton manual press
1- 10" table saw
1- 10" cross cut saw
1- 1952 John Deere model 60 two cylinder w/ loader, plow, disc and drag
1- 1951 Allis Chalmers CA with loader, plow, disc, drag, and cultivators
1- John Deere 318 2H with cab, mower, front blade, and snow thrower
1- John Deere 140 3H with mower, and snow thrower
1- Cub Cadet with mower, and front blade
Not like others but that is my list for a start…

Hello can You help me? I have. One machine. I Lost My hard disk. Do yo have. Copy imagen and cpu and motherboard? Is. HP? Dell? Modelo? I Lost. My cpu

Hi. What’s modelo cpu and motherboard? I Lost My cpu. Can help me?

I have the following:
6040 CNC Mill
Lincoln MT140 Welder
50 amp CO2 Laser with a 12"X22" cutting area.
JGAurora 3D printer
Oxy\Acetylene torch
PrimeWeld 50A hand held plasma cutter.
3k degree kiln for melting metals used for casting.

What’s coming is the Pro table and a Hypertherm 45XP with machine torch. Woo Hoo!

I will be using the machine initially to create suspension parts for my friend who creates these awesome cruisers.

You can check them out here: https://wheelerminis.com/gallery

are you serious…you make those things?

they are so freaking cool!!!

thanks for posting the link…

the Ford COE and the Rat Rod are the best…
gonna pass this link along to a few of my buddies who travel the states in their monstrous motor homes…they would love a toy like that.

you should do a TANK…I have friends who are online game fanatics who play World of Tanks…they would die for stuff like that

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My favorite is the 1931 Model A truck with the whiskey barrel, possibly because J.D. is my favorite whiskey. :slight_smile:

Oh geeze, another rabbit hole :smile: I really like the Rat Rod. Must resist trying to build my own.

Not sure what you’re asking. Can you clarify?