What makes the XR better than the Pro?

I was all set to buy the Pro but now I am contemplating buying the XR. Am I correct that the Pro axis are driven by an active lead screw and the XR axis screws are stationary with the Ball Nut being the active part and driven buy a belt?

I have the Pro, but certainly the ball driving the motion, versus the screw leading the movement of the gantry gives the XR phenomenal movement both with precision and speed. I believe the speed is more than 30% faster on the XR.

The auto-squaring feature is also a major plus if you plan to do architectural brackets or parts that need that added precision.

Plus, the ease of handling a full sheet of metal. Users of the XR can map out the use of an entire sheet and by indexing, pull it off the table and later use efficiently through nesting in something like Fusion 360. Next time you are ready to use that sheet, you look at what metal is left by nestng in Fusion. In manufacturing, you would create a tool path of the new things, load your indexed sheet and accurately cut off your pieces in the appropriate spots on the available remaining metal. (I am sure there is a better way to explain that than what I just did.)


I think I know what your saying but I think I would have to know Fusion just a smidge better then I do to make that happen! :rofl:

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