What kind of plug is on the control box

Building a track torch , so need to know what kind of plug is on the control box that you plug the torch firing wire into. Want to put the same one on the remote fire switch on track torch so I can use the same cpc cord on both .

5mm DC input jack - the torch cable to enclosure jack

is this the internal diameter or the external diameter of the jack? Can you list a part number?

Hi @shaunlb,

The electronics enclosure uses a standard 5mm jack female connector for the plasma cutter input. We supply the male barrel connector that plugs into this jack. The other end of this male barrel connector has blade terminals that connect to T-tap connectors for plugging into your plasma cutter.

Hope this helps!

Finished the track cutter today just got to mount the remote switch box.


Thats super cool. Thats going to come in handy for breaking sheets down to be more manageable on the CrossFire.

Are there bearings in the carriage?

Yep that’s way I built it, hope to have a good stock pile of sheet steel ready for when I get my crossfire. No bearing just 1-1/2” angle riding on top of 2” put a Little dry film wax on rails and runs very smooth.

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Sort of, I would like to make a second male barrel connector just in case I need one or I want to buy a second torch. Are you guys going to sell replacement parts like this later as well?

This appears to be a change from what was illustrated in the Crossfire assembly manual which appears to show two spring loaded connectors like on a speaker, Vissible in the “CrossFire_Assembly_Manual_v1.0.pdf” manual is multiple spots but I will call out page 60 (listed page number) step 6 also observed as PDF page 62

Hi Richard, the manual you are referring to is obsolete and was removed from the website quite a while ago. Our manual is now web based and is located here: http://www.langmuirsystems.com/user-guide

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A DVD or download option would be nice for offline. Back to the connector I have been planning in adding a panel connector to my plasma machine to make it a plug in on both end. Sadly I can no longer just run over to Radio Shack. Do you have a pant number and source for the jack you went with?

Here is a manual one i built at work.Going to build one for my home shop also to cut down sheets.

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I had a hard time finding 5mm plugs for sale outside of the UK so I replaced the entire system provided.

I purchased 5.5mm x 2.5mm sealed dc power female panel mounts (2) with waterproof covers, and (1) male 2m adapter cable, (1) male solder end. Waterproof and screws in securely.

Parts are Switchcraft: