What kind of laptop is most recommended for fusion

what are your every day users using? any recommendations.

I used a Dell XPS13 with a i7 for years, and ran fusion on it quite a bit at home for small projects. There were times that I needed to use my gaming PC for more complex models, but the XPS13 was good enough for 95% of the work I did.

Last fall I replaced it with a Surface Book 2, 15" with a i7 and a GTX1060 GPU. I decided that I wanted a laptop with a dedicated GPU to run fusion. I also really like the 4:3 screen ratio over the now standard 16:9. I did look at some gaming laptops around the same price range, but their screens just didn’t look nearly as nice as the Surface Book.

Another thing to consider, will this laptop just live on a desk? Or do you want it to be mobile? I use my Surface Book on my couch quite a bit, not sure I would be doing the same with a 17" gaming laptop.

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The more complex the model the more CPU and memory becomes important. I have a couple graphic files that are 2D that severely lug my laptop down but honestly they are insane files that need overhauling. Most of my files run without problems.

I’d look for like a i7 8700k build with a decent graphics card, graphics is less important for this type stuff… “used” I’ve found the best route is like a Gaming laptop, there more abundant and have all the goods you need, I just bought a Alienware R4 17 with a i7 8700k & 1770 for $600 used “a steal” but it’ll run anything fusion will throw at it!..

PS: Having a separate numeric control “numbers on the side” is very nice with modeling… also “I” cared but most probably don’t think about it, using “page up” & “page down” for your Z axis it’s nice to have them as a stand alone button instead of just a “Shift/function” button where you can just use one hand to control your Z axis… most commonly I have seen them stand alone in more of the Lenovo computers, but any computer I haven’t seen that feature in anything smaller than a 15”inch

Where did you get that laptop from?

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