What is this tool?

Like most here I have a thing for tools. I really like old tools and even rare tools.
For the life of me I can’t figure out what this goes to. I found it in a box that the company I used to work for had on their rig truck the only other thing in the box was a tale stock for a dividing head. We did line boring in the field.
This is part of something I can’t figure out what. Does anyone have a clue? The old man that this belonged to has passed away several years ago so I can’t ask about it.

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Some type of adjustable stop?

The one rod seems to be a length adjustment. The acme screw on end had set screw marks on it. The small wheel in the center turns when you rotate the screw.

I guess it could be just seems kinda heavy duty .
It has no markings numbers or name on it .

Thats how they made things back then! Thats why its still around :grin:


Kinda looks like an axial feed unit

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That is what I have been leaning towards. We had a home build boring rig. May have been a prototype feeder. I do remember the old man saying he had to hand feed on his first setup. I was under the impression he had sold it though