What is sheetcam?

So what is sheetcam? Does it do the same thing as Fusion? I see Langmuir offering a sale on the software for this weekend and just wondering what it is and if it’s good to have. Thanks for any info. Sorry for my ignorance.

Is it only for this weekend??

its the G Code Generating program.
so after you draw something, you need to export it to a G Code generator. Sheetcam lays out your material and your parts and the cut paths. you can nest, duplicate, arrange, etc.
Set Machine profiles, like cut speeds, heights, pierce, etc.

ive pretty much gave up on fusion for the time being. its too damn complicated for what i do.
mess around with sheetcam and see how you like it. the trial version for free only gives you 150 lines of GCode capability. youll exceed that with a basic butterfly drawing.

I jumped on the sheetcam sale when i read the email this morning.


Trying to find out the windows minimum system requirements for Sheetcam.
I sent Sheetcam an email…but wondering if anyone here knows.

As far as I can tell, it will operate with pretty much any functioning Windows 7 or 10 system. I won’t say anything about Windows 8 because, 1. I don’t know, 2. it doesn’t meet the ‘functioning Windows’ criteria in my book…

You may want to have reasonable graphics resolution, but I would think anything over 1440x700 would work.

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CAM TOOL ONLY. FOR TOOL PATHING your design and sending the G-code to MACH 3 or Fire-Controll

has any one had problem of installing sheet cam because i tried every thing and it will not install

Has anyone created a Tool list for the RazorWeld 45?

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I’m also very interested in a configured toolset, just getting started with those whole process and it’s a bit overwhelming. Learning SheetCam from the online videos by Archlight Dynamics.

Here is a SheetCam YouTube Playlist I created to put them in the correct order.

Alternatively, you can get to the videos directly off the ArcLight website here.

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Nice. Thanks for posting it.

Me too! Thank you for doing that. I will utilize that list now.