What is FireCam?

I purchased my Gen1 with Mach 3 and SheetCam I use Fusion 360 for designing. Now in the downloads section there is FireCam coming soon. Does anyone know what it will replace or aid another software.
I just recently purchased Draftsight for 199.00, and as per the website it says you can do a design, save the file, hit on a G-code icon, it automatically creates a g-code for your design. I will work with it more and try to find out how to load it into Mach 3 to cut out my design. I purchased textbook on Amazon for the program and will learn more through a ton of you tube videos available.

I don’t see that anywhere. Can you provide a link? Net: Never heard of it.

There is no mention of Firecam in the downloads section.

Langmuir mentioned that they were working on it in a forum post from 2019.


Right at the top of the page

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Leave it to you to find that rather obscure reference. Do ya suppose that’s been there since 2019 and no one noticed it or is a webpage designer posting an update prematurely???

I’ve linked that software page to people 600 times on this forum site so I had a pretty good idea where to look.
How old it is I don’t know?

At least someone else saw where I saw it. Thanks for posting the diagram so others can see it. Since my major stroke in 2019 I have problems remembering how to load things in to cut, I find myself trying to find a easier way to use my Gen1 cutter.


I’m surprised we haven’t seen a beta or anything about it. Sure would beat using CamBam with some janky tricks or fusion360 with no rapids :grin: