What happened to the drawings?

Hello everyone! I’m stuck. I use laptop to do most of not all my designs/work. I use Vcarve Pro to SheetCam to Mach3.

Anyway, I imported a drawing from Vcarve. When I was prompted to drawing options, I okayed it then I get a drawing with a tangled bunch of circles. What happened? I went through operations, job options and machine…no fix. My experience in CNC is about 2 years…so I’m getting better but this just stumped me.

I’m glad the computer in the shop isn’t doing this but I need the laptop figured out… again, what happened? Thanks

Make sure you are not loading a tap file into sheetcam. A tap file imported into sheetcam will cause what you are describing.


Thank you, rat196426. i’ll take a peek :slight_smile:

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When you export the design from VCarve, what and how do you export? (select Vectors and then Export as SVG?)

Is the design set in mm or Inches?

Hey Tom! The drawings on Vcarve are CRV files. When I export to SheetCam they turn to DXFs. From there I go to Mach3 where they turn to tap files. I definitley make sure I edit the nodes and make sure all vectors are closed. I hope that answers your question.

Oh…One more thing…most drawings are in inches.

LOL! That’s exactly what it was…oh my. I need to take some time off then quit, huh? I didn’t look what I was doing. thanks!


Wouldn’t have ever thought of that one, good job @rat196426 !

But that DOES make me wonder how you knew this… :thinking:

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I have imported a tap file a time or two myself … Get all kinds of goofy circles and lines.

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Yeah…that kind of mistake makes me want to do a V-8 moment and smack my head…

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