What happened to FireControl updates?

There hasn’t been an update for quite a while on FireControl. Did they Stop??

It works great. What are you looking to change? There have been version updates, but nothing major. The newer version supports limit switches, which are useless, in my opinion.


I saw that FireControl hadn’t had any updated in a year or so and I was having an issue with the “straight cut” function not working. Becuase recently I did an update to the firmware and thought now there might be a disconnect to what I thought was outdated FireControl app. But I was able to get it to work after all.
Thanks for your reply. It’s much appreciated!

James Ruther

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I got caught up in the excitement and bought the limit switches when first rolled out. I was still pretty green on using my table and I was having issues with “runaway” freeze ups slamming the hard stops (turned out to be PC issue). Thought L/S might solve that.

But, after seeing all of the issues folks were having, I never installed them. Unless I encounter some need in the future, so far I’m doing fine without them.


I’m guessing the computer freeze ups would prevent the limit switches from working anyway. If it’s not responding to commands from the computer, it’s not going to respond to the commands from the limit switches that go through the computer.

The only thing that would work, in that case, would be switches that kill the power to the motors.

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Hey James,

As @Bigdaddy2166 pointed out, we’re pretty happy with the current state of FireControl. While it has been in a such a good spot, we decided to step back and make improvements to our software development process before pushing out more updates. That said, keep an eye out for more coming soon!


It’s all good guys. I’ve owned the Pro now for 3 years and haven’t had not a one problem until yesterday. It had been more than a year since I had used it, so I just had a hickup bringing it back to life.

Very much appreciate all the comments on my topic though - Good people to say the least.

James Ruther - The Pot Metal Man

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I hope you or someone else there at LS have been following the user requested FireControl features/bugs for the developers to-do list. Thanks for the update.

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