What gauges are best

what are the most common gauges are some of you using? I picked up a piece of 16 gauge which I know is to thin but I am using it to practice on. Although ive had the system for a very long time I am just now starting to learn and use it.

I picked up a 1000 lb of 18ga for 20cents a pound so that is what I am learning on, workable so far but still learning how to cut better to eliminate backside dross more. Have more tips to try this week and see if I can get it better.

All is not lost though.

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16 is my go-to gauge for signs and general stuff, inexpensive and cuts fast. I have some 20 here to cut test’s on if I am not sure the file is just right.
3/16 and 1/4 are much more manly and fun to work with but it gets pricey.

That is really nice, the 18 ga you got was a great find.

Kinda curious if it was warped or rusted at all?

No it wasn’t rusted but it does have some nail holes in a few spots. My buddy had three sheets that were under the the kitchen linoleum. The house is one of his rentals he bought 5 years ago and is over a 100 years old so I have no idea how long it was there. other that the few nail holes its in good shape. I’m trying to get the other two for him but he wants to keep them. He will want me to make something for him one day. But i figured it would work great for practicing on so I don’t ruin a bunch of sheet metal I purchase

It was from a fab shop that my friends wife works at and it has been sitting in their shop for a couple of years and does have a few light patches of surface rust on some of the pieces but since I am powder coating it comes right off in the sandblaster. I think that there is another 3000lbs that my wife wants me to go ahead and get, she has allot of plans for it, haha All of the pieces are 19.5 x 31 but like I said it was cheap for learning and I don’t get too upset when I see the mistakes that I make like I would if I was paying a premium price for it.

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