What gauge stainless should I use for project

I have a little stainless project. It is an ice machine tray that holds small bottles. Just seeing if anyone has insight on what thickness stainless I should use. I was going to use 16g but it seems like it is way to beefy for what it is. I attatches a drawing for reference. I was thinking 18 or 22g May work just fine The ears on the long side sit on the edge of the ice machine so it kind of floats over the ice. Thanks!!

I would consider 24 gauge #2b and spot weld the whole thing together.

Maybe a nice double overed heam around the top and for the two flanges.

Could consider putting the bottom in like a ductwork end cap.

Stainless is way more tough and rigid than steel often you can get away with thinner materials than you think.


I decided on 20g stainless for this. I want it to be strong enough. The ears on the far sides will levitate the whole piece over an ice bin. They will be filled with syrups and well booze. I think the guts will provide a lot of rigidity and I’m hoping the break on the ears will give them a sprung strength. Let me know what you think. I don’t have a bead roller but that would really be a smart move. Here is an example of how they should look.