What else should i get with table?

I have a pretty complete shop withe proper electric and air. Any recommendations for add On’s with a new XR and also what plasma cutter should I get? Thank you… Biff

I’ve been doing a lot of research prior to ordering mine. I’ve already ordered Sterling Cool and a 3-way valve for plumbing. I’ll be adding additional drains in the center pans. I also want to get some welding curtains to go between the plasma table the the adjacent bay.

A water res/tank so you can drain the table into the tank to prevent evaporation.

As far as a plasma cutter, that’ll depend on the material thickness you’ll be working with. For the stuff I do, I’ll be getting the Razorweld 45 with machine torch.

Thanks for the info. I have been looking at drain systems etc. I’ll look into the plasma cutter that you’re talking about. Did you buy it with your table of from a different company?

I bought an Everlast 102i for my XR. I have a Hypertherm XP45 with a hand torch, $2k for the Everlast with both torches or ~$700-800 for just a machine torch for the XP45 helped decide that, for now.

I spent the money for a Harbor Freight refrigerated air dryer, QC3 filter/dryer, and a Motorguard 60 filter.

Get a longer cable for the USB from the computer to the controller… perhaps put the computer in a roller cart with a cover to keep the dust and such off when not in use.

Today I bought some things to make a shop air filter to keep the particulate count down/shop air healthier to breathe and the shop cleaner overall.

Think about how you’ll handle the on to and off of the table, and storage.

Sounds good. Now my concerns are how much stuff will be in the air? I have a large shop but it’s all open with a couple of personal cars, ski boat, and I’m always working on something. Is the cutter need to be in a separate space? I really have to keep the shop dust and debris down to a minimum. Maybe a hood?

I bought one of these for my smaller shop I run on a timer every day and when cutting.

I did a drain system. If I was cutting heavier metal full sheets I’d think about a lift to help move metal.

I would also not have ordered the computer from Langmuir because it is basically okay for looking at pictures but any editing is just dog water.

I did the razorweld 45 from Langmuir because it was just easy and setup installed quickly and cheaper! Would love a super beast Hypertherm but outside my budget with the table.

Brake press/metal bender (would love the new one from Langmuir - Admin if you read this open to be a tester :).

Get more consumables than you think because initially you burn through them doing dumb things.

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If you’re dust sensitive/storing nice things same area, my guess is you’ll want filtration and a curtain. We’re building a filter; started tonight, should be done tomorrow. Using 4x 20”x30” merv 14/MPR 2500 filters and an 18” fan mounted with the intake roughly centered over the table, roughly 4’ above it.

With a curtain I’d want the clean exhaust air discharging outside of the curtain to make the dirty air area negative pressure.

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Thanks everyone. I’m going to start putting these things in place. I’ll look at the filtration ideas. I have 15’ ceilings but I’ll figure something out😁

Upside down, waiting on the 3D printer to make some tabs for the filters and fan. ~$150 plus filters, $.013/hr in electricity.