What does "IHS" stand for and what does it do?

I know what THC stands for… Torch height control. I believe THC keeps the same distance across the plate when you are cutting especially on warped metal. I am confused on what IHS stands for and what it does. Sry I’m learning.

Initial Height Sense

initial height sensing
It is the first action the torch z axis does when it reaches the point of the first penetration.
That is when the z axis lowers the torch…touches the metal then raises up to the right height

Wait so what’s the difference? IHS beings the torch down and brings it to a certain height, and then THC keeps the torch at that height when it’s moving across your plate of material?

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You got it Pontiac…

THC will adjust and maintain the appropriate height off the metal. Sheet and plate thickness can vary and can be warped.

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