What cutter to use

New guy here, what cutter are you using.

45xp…Have have zero issues so far.I started out with the consumbles that came with it but have switched to the fine cut and im still on that set after many cuts.

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I ordered a 45xp, haven’t gotten my table yet.

Depends what your intent is for what you should buy.
Weekend warrior - You can get away with cheap/mid range, although keep in mind they most likely will come with frustrations you won’t get with high end equipment.

Small business/hobby with lots of hours - go for the good stuff. The time and money lost in troubleshooting, cut issues, buying new consumables/quick fixes/scrap material will quickly outweigh the cost difference.


I started with the Razorweld 45, minor success, more headache than anything. Recently picked up a 45xp. WOW what a difference, cuts faster, cleaner, and a million times more consistent! I get more done in less time using the Hypertherm. Just my .02$


I did the same thing. I started with the RW45 and had nothing but headaches. I plugged in my Hypertherm and within seconds had near flawless cutting instantly. So happy I made the switch.

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Also started with the RW45 and just started running a Hypertherm 45xp…night and day. Cuts much faster and the cutting chart in the manual has been spot on so far. Wish I would have just gotten the Hypertherm in the first place.

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What size are the nozzles on the fine cut kit for the hyperthermia.
Can’t find the nozzle size even on the kit information


Ill try to fibd the part numbers.

Hypertherm doesn’t specify the sizes like other vendors (1mm, .8mm, .6mm) - they sell their consumables as part of a “system” so that you get fine cuts or standard cuts, etc.

I got a Hypertherm 65 coming, overkill for how but may need it later. Got the CNC with both torches.

Hypertherm 30 that I’ve had for 5 years. I don’t cut very thick stuff, it’ll do 1/4" but slow. I usually cut up to 1/8th, mostly 14ga for most of the hotrods brackets I do, and other fun signs.