What are the Size of slats

Not near my machine until tomorrow. Can anyone tell me the length, width and thickness of the slats. Thanks

Are the steel table slats replaceable and how much cutting can be done before replacement is required?

Yes. The table slats are considered a consumable portion of the table and they can be replaced. The purpose of the slat table is to support the material and to give free area under the part for the plasma arc to cut through uninhibited. We have found that a standard slat pack is capable of cutting thousands of parts before needing replacement. In addition one technique to increase slat lifetime is to regularly rotate slats around the table to even out the cutting exposure (outside to inside). Replacement slat packs will also be available from our online store. Conversely, you can cut your own slats from hot rolled flat bar. Each slat measures 50mm x 3mm x 33.0".

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