What am I missing about this compressor?

Quincy 60 Gallon Compressor

Seems like a very low price for the specs.

I think there is something wrong on their website because when it first loads the page it’s $1200 and change then it shows $349. Should I add to cart and see what happens?

Never heard of this brand.

If you can get this compressor for $349 buy it, run, and don’t look back!

Quincy is a very good brand.

That’s the one I bought recently. It’s great - I’m very happy with mine. Made in USA. If you can get it for $349, run, don’t walk! I doubt they’ll honor that misprint, though.

No deal, added to cart and it’s $1299.

Ya know, if it seems to good to be true …

I got mine at Northern tool - it was $100 off. Edit - scratch that - it’s same price as Lowes.