Welp, made the plunge into retail

Have put it off for so long, signed yesterday.

I now have a 10x10 inside booth…scary for sure.

Have metal, wood and powdercoat costs down…

I hope to have a diverse anough selection so custom stuff will be LESS than 5% of volume and $$$

We shall see…wish me luck


Its a little scary starting a new business in this economy the way it is. Wish you the best of luck. :+1:


Best of luck bro!

just keep on working at it. Good Luck. been on my own for 8 yrs this august. I don’t regret one second.

Thanks for all the good words, not planning full time for soul income, just need a buffer…to get out of stress.
Will post pics, got some peg board, 1x12 for shelfs :scream_cat: :money_mouth_face:…wife said (sane voice) just buy it, dont waste time of planing glueing etc…its a ******* shelf.
Make your pretty shelfs to sell…m-kay… :face_with_diagonal_mouth: …make sense…

So i wil keep this going…small town, BUT I now have a place put my more $$ pcs…

Again thanks yall


Good head on her shoulders. I’m always amazed by the folks who will spend hours and hours making something they could buy for small money, getting “paid” pennies for their time. She’s spot on.

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Yup, 23 years … and she can keep me in check.

Been working each night to make something to check programs or to refine my…ugh…a process, or flow chart :thinking:

Not easy with a small place to manufacture.

File control is what I have been working on as well as an excel spreadsheet to see what is being sold to repeat.

I have a bunch of different stuff, wife said what if we can’t sell it? I said "this is all made when sheet steel was .02 a sq in…we will have a black Friday and Christmas sale and sell it… :+1: :money_mouth_face:


So got some wood for a couple shelves, picked up peg board and ordered peg stand offs? Hope to put up Saturday and hang stock…

Aren’t you in Tennessee?

Yes…way east

So it was busy today, got some done…had a lot to do with mom, shes doing good.

Definitely need more inventory over next week or two.

Spent yesterday making a sign for business, cut out, deburred, powder coated and finished off with firing up vinyl plotter.

Car loaded up…

So Ambiance is the name. And with a definition under it.

She has a couple puzzle lamps and her candles

I have some carvings etc along with laser pcs.

Gotta start right?..i do notice that I need to move name so it doesn’t blend in and will stand out…pictures really help


looking great my man. keep it up.

10x10 looks bigger than I pictured in my brain. Good luck.


Surprised us also, 1x12 x8 shelves. 4x8 pegboard with a 24 inch center pc.

So need to work on project/work flow…this week after work i just cut stuff…today is grind,clean,weld and paint day…

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Well, that didn’t work out, j had too much down time, :thinking:
So went to town and got lunch for me and wifey

So i got a bunch done, just need more…flow

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The powder coating is my limiting factor, it takes 25 minutes or so, small same color stuff i can do 2 or 3 at a time.
I will plan to cut while oven is going…will post pics after filling “store”

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