Well I think I am finally done with razorweld 45

Ever since I have started using my razorweld 45 it has given me troubles. Most I have been able to fix with correct consumables, and elimination of water in my air line. The one issue that has not been able to get fixed is the arc going out randomly in the middle of a cut, which at times trashes the material and I can no longer use it. I can be running a program with 8 pieces on it, it may cut the first 4, then not cut 5 and 6, then cut 7 and 8. So I start the program over and it may not cut 1 thru 3, then cut 4 and 5, then not cut 6 etc… I have tried different air pressure, new consumeables, grounding in different locations and even went a bought a brand new Quincy 60 gallon compressor, and still same issue. But tonight drew the last straw. Had 3 pieces to cut, cut first 2 perfect, third piece no arc start. Tried program again, nothing. Loaded a different program, nothing. Reset Mach, installed new consumeables, and even tried turning on the torch manually via mach3 and still, no arc. So I am going to contact razorweld again as they didn’t get back to me over a month Ago when I contacted them about this issue and see if I can’t get some sort of refund.

Have you checked where you tapped into the wiring for Mach to fire the torch? Maybe there isn’t good contact in the taps causing intermittent firing.

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Ya I checked continuity from the taps to the end of the plug where is plugs into the computer and even moved the wiring around, never lost continuity

My Razor weld freezes Mach up as soon as it pierces the material and then won’t stop blowing air through the torch for about ten minutes. Langmuir is sending me another one to try out but I’m kind of wishing I would have just forked over the dough for a Hypertherm.


Ya man seems like their are multiple people having issues with the razorwelds. So eBay is having a 15% off purchases today, so I bought a everlast plasma 50s for $750 shipped. It’s the same brand tig welder I use and haven’t had a single issue, plus they come with a 5 year warranty

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Let us know how the Everlast machine works out. I am looking to get one too.

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I’m curious on the everlast plasma too. I run a 255ext in my garage great machine for the cost no issues yet but it’s for sure not a miller but for home I can’t see spending 6k on a machine either.

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I will definitely keep everyone updated and do a honest comparison between it and the razorweld

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These guys make a real good product and their customer service is ridiculous. Worth a visit to their site.

Bought my first mig from them in 1999, hooked ever since.



I have the Everlast 60s been using as a handheld for a few years. Then attached to the table. Would never use another company. Works every time.

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That’s great to hear man!!! I have rarely heard anything bad about everlast

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Ohh ya HTP does make great products as well. I have a buddy with a HTP tig and it works great

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wrong thread

This is sad to hear. I’m purchasing new consumables from gamblegarage in hopes of making better cuts with the RW45. I’m really sorry I didn’t spend more on a better machine as well. Feels like $800 wasted. If this doesn’t work I’ll begin to look for another as well. My arc doesn’t go out but I can’t get a straight arc no matter what. Hoping new consumables helps.

I wonder if it’s machine or material specific? I haven’t had issues with my RW45. I’m still using stock consumables but have some generics on hand and have some on order from gamble too.

I’m mostly cutting 12-20ga with 14&16 my predominant material.

I don’t have my laptop plugged into power (Apple MacAir running Windows) so I know I don’t have any RF interference.

I’ve set Fusion for .06 kerf & .5sec pierce delay.

I’ve got a Husky compressor - 30gal, 175psi, 1.7hp but only 5.1cfm at 90psi so a little light on air cfm although I haven’t had an issue. I run it into a dessicant dryer I have plumbed & mounted onto the back of the RW.

Not sure how that stacks up with others who are having issues. Be good if we could find some similarities in working implementations vs non-working ones.


See i originally thought it was my compressor as that was the only thing I didn’t change yet. It was only a 26 gallon, 4cfm at 90 psi. So I installed my Quincy 60 gallon which is 13.5 cfm at 90 psi which is double what the rw45 needs. Issue still remained, but now the torch does nothing. I have been sending emails back and forth with RW sending pics, not sure if I will be able to get a refund or at least a partial refund as I have already purchased the everlast. I have yet to make a cut that lasts longer then 15 seconds with the RW. I can do small cuts all day long, but as soon as I do a somewhat long cut, the torch just shuts off randomly. It’s almost like maybe the machine is going into a safety mode or something.

What kind of air dryer do you have?

My cuts are much longer than a few seconds - a 10 or 15 minute cut does have the torch turning on & off as it moves between cuts in the toolpath but the actual cut time on a single cut within a set of complex cuts is still longer than the 15 seconds you’re seeing.

Really wonder what’s up. Disappointed that RW didn’t take care of you better. Customer service is pretty critical.

I have a ac condenser with a fan which is right off my compressor, then 10ft of steel pipe to a drop peg, water/oil separator, then 15 ft of steel pipe to a drop peg, and another oil/water separator, desecant, then to my air hose. My second drop peg has 0 water in it

Agree with you. Fed up with my RW45. Shopping for its replacement.

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I am on the same page as everyone on this thread. I cut roughly 100 pieces out the other day on an expensive piece of 1/4" steel. Same program, same pierce delay, etc. The variance between parts is flat out ridiculous. Completely in consistent. about 1/2 way through the program the torch started cutting out, incomplete cuts, etc. Wasted a not cheap piece of steel. Losing business because of this and wasting time every time I go into the shop. Works fine for thin gauge stuff (signs and what not) but anything 1/8" or higher just creates frustration. Hoping to find a decent deal on a Hypertherm, which hurts the wallet real bad but like most tools it appears you get what you pay for.