Welding Cart Opinion

Quick question here. I’m drawing up a new cart that’s only 16" wide, but I found some artwork I liked on etsy and bought the files to add to the lower plate of the cart. Now I just can’t decide if I want it there or not? Does it make things too busy? Previously I’d say who gives and f, but now I have a CNC plasma so its kinda like, why not make it stand out? :man_shrugging: Please let me know some thoughts.

Before (note that I just change the lower spine to whatever I’m feeling so its more solid vs the silhouette):

After with silhouette cutout:

Edit: Corrected Picture

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Hey Joel !!! I think the cart looks fantastic either way… You’re the artist!!

One thing though it’s hard to tell from the pictures… If the Hypertherm and Miller(I think) logos have just the points of the letters touching the circle that they are placed in, I’d be concerned that they’d possibly burn through at that point… You may have to “lose” a little at each corner where they meet… Sometimes it works and sometimes not… Something to think on anyways… Like I said, the cart is looking Kick A** for sure…

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Hey Bill,

Thank you so much for the kinds words. I am about as far from an artist/creative person as you can get, but I’m working on it. At the end of the day I think its an awesome graphic but it just doesn’t fit with the build so I think its gone. We’ll see what happens in a few days when I change my mind again. I just need some time to actually make some cuts so I stop screwing with the look!

Regarding the tool paths and where the logos are linking, I was worried about that. I did leave some of the sketches crossing over to ensure I had a little more meat other than ‘just touching’ sort of thing and in the simulations it looks good, but I’m going to run some test cuts first to verify before ruining it all. I figure worst case is just tig them back into place again with a little tab hidden on the backside.

I appreciate the tips, by all means please keep them coming.

Merry Christmas,

I like it. If you backed the explosion with a painted piece, say two colors atleast, it would really pop. Either rivet it on or bolt but I think rivet would keep it cleaner looking. Cool looking cart.

Getting closer. I went with no explosion since you wouldn’t see it anyway with the big wheels. Has a slight side to side wobble with the back plate not going all the way to the bottom, which I had been worried about in design but was hoping I’d be wrong since I really wanted the whole bottom floor wide open. No big deal as I’ll cut a nice looking crossbar from the 3/8” and weld it in tomorrow. Aside from that very minor disappointment it’s coming along great! It’s even level!


Homer Simpson “Dope” moment for me. I didn’t think about the rear wheels hiding it. Good looking cart and Nice job!


@MrWelder I get it, I didn’t think of it until I actually had the wheels on so more lucky than planned.

This is what I did to stiffen things up. Works great, solid as a rock.

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Well, this is how it’s going to sit for a few days while I decide what to do about color and powder coat vs painting. I threw from tape behind the logos just to highlight them and I like it so colored background epoxy is pretty much a given. Again, back to figuring out colors and coatings.

I have a few other small items to finish out, like the steel straps for securing the tanks and a few other items, but it’s rolling, semi-useable, and most importantly really gives me some space back in the garage! Time to get cleaned up again!