Welder Guy Art Project

A good friend from work wanted to have me make a sign for her dad’s welding hobby shop.


Very nice sign, is that paint or powder coat?

Wow! that is awesome! did you do this on the Jan Pro machine? Are you up and running!

I cut the front and back out on the Crossfire

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Powder coating on both pieces

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A couple more from the group I cut over the weekend


Is the bird Anodized aluminum? How did you print the yellow on green?


wow! I can’t wait to try out this machine! Your work is amazing! My husband was talking about getting a powder coat cabinet…do you have your own?

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It’s 2 pieces that are cur, the primary with all the art, and the secondary which is the background outline. Working on a 3 color cut out this weekend. Cut from 14 gauge for primary and 16 gauge secondary both steel


Thanks for the kind words, I take them to the local powder coating shop

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So, if I understand you correctly, you cut the bird full shape in 16 gauge steel and painted yellow, and cut the 14 ga foreground with all the detail stripes, etc, and painted that Green? For some reason my head is telling me that you’d want the thinner material in the front.

However, Wow, very nice! I wish I had thought of that for my Canyonlands silhouette! Although, that was pretty short runway so I might have been pushing my luck on that. But, in any case, nice job! I like them!

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Tom: thanks for the encouraging words, the reason I use the 14 gauge for the primary is because of all the fine details I don’t have to worry as much for blowout, or substantial warpage. I did not know anything about CNC, plasma cutting or art design I’ve learned it all after getting my Crossfire. If I can figure this stuff out then most anyone stands a good chance of it. My wife wants to know why it took me till 60 years old to find my creativity.


Gee, my wife is still waiting - and more years than that!

I can do decent work, but ‘artistic creativity’ isn’t among my talents. In my case it’s mostly perseverance that wins the day!


You don’t have to be creative, you just have to know how to trace and vectorize and you can fake you’re way through it. haha

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No one has the new Crossfire Pro machine. It’s being delivered to all of us in Batch 1 in stages that started a couple of weeks ago (up to 6 shipments depending on what was purchased). We should be up and running by the mid-end of Feb.

In the meantime, we’re keeping ourselves happy with our original Crossfires (or XLs) :slight_smile:


We are in the April batch!


Those are all awesome. I only hope to figure this stuff out as the pro will be my first machine.


I’m trying to set up a piece of art that has a lot of lines. I’m just playing around with it waiting for my CFPro. It’s too complex for a newb but I hope to be able to cut it before summer. I’m going to try to upload it here and get opinions on potential issues/challenges it may present. Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: The upload didn’t really workout, any tips on that?

take a screen clip shot…with your snipping tool in windows…clip and paste…