Welded pans on XR

Guess I’ll be the first to give it a go… plan is to weld top side then flip entire assembly over and use the sealant to run a bead on the back side where the two returns turn up and meet. Figure it’s double protection.


put 1/4 water in your pans when welding…prevents warp

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I just welded the top. Been running for a while and no leaks.

I bought a roll of SS Mig wire just waiting for the table to arrive in Jan :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip with water in the pan toolboy I’ll give that a shot

autogenously weld it with tig if you can.

That stainless steel mig wire is going to be a nightmare in this application.


I saw how well the pan came out in this post and if that was done autogenously then that is what I shall do also. Have TIG will use :smiley: I was thinking about just beating the edges back over flat so they overlap each other and MIG them that way, that’s the way I envisioned welding them but this does look super smooth and I also couldnt fill the pan with any water like toolboy suggested if i di that

Yes it was done autogonesouly. Simply removed a much powdercoat as I could and then cut the bolt slots to an angle to ease welding. No need to add water. Very hard to warp welding the top of 2 standing seams like that. Just make sure everything’s clamped tight when you tack everything up and weld it as cold as possible keeping the heat down. Use silicone bronze filler if need be for the lower melting point and flexibility. Honestly it welded up very easily.

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