Welcome Has anyone used this machine to operate a plasma machine with Mach 3 software

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I wasn’t able to find a manual readily available but by the look of the torch it’s likely a high frequency machine.

Not traditionally a good candidate for CNC machines

I’ve never used this machine myself but the high frequency would Ward me off from even trying.

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That machine is High Frequency Start and will not work on a plasma table…
Edon 40/60/100


Hi Ahmed, welcome to the forum!

As @JDE & @TinWhisperer pointed out, this plasma cutter appears to utilize a high-frequency start mechanism. High-frequency devices generate electromagnetic interference that can damage sensitive electronics. We recommend you do not use this plasma cutter with the CrossFire, as it is likely to permanently damage the machine’s Motion Control Board.

You can find our plasma cutter compatibility chart here:


Keep in mind that there are many compatible plasma cutters that are not listed on the chart; the only hard requirement for compatibility is that the plasma cutter must not use high-frequency start.

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I set up the plasma machine with the Arduino program as well as the Mach3 program, and it worked and the cutting was done

That’s great that it did work for you that time. But you are playing Russian roulette, one of the times or an accumulation of the times will wreck something sensitive and start causing mystery gremlin issues.


Start this video at about a 1:30 it goes over the difference between high frequency and low frequency.
Notice that about the 3-minute mark it shows Camera footage that was taken near the table during a high frequency start and it’s enough to even distort the footage.

But it may not be the langmuir electronics that goes first it might be a nearby computer, the Arduino or battery charger or some other piece of electronic equipment that’s nearby.


I do not think that OP has a CrossFire system. His might be less susceptible to interference…

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I used this scheme

Hello sir How much is required to be the starting current of the plasma machine?

Plasma is not an inductive load.

Plasma is a resistive load. There is no starting current.