Weird jumps along the x axis

Hey guys, just started using my crossfire and have been dialing in on presets for the materials I use for a while and I have noticed that at random times, the x axis will just shift forward. It wasn’t that noticeable at first because I was making rectangular pieces for the most part but the issue is pretty clear along diagonals. As far as I know, the gcode should be fine but even on dry runs, I can see the x axis stutter. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Looks to me like loose motor coupler set screws. Tighten them down hard and see if it improves.

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Hey Daniel, thanks for the quick response. The coupler was a touch loose but even after tightening down on it, the issue persists. Maybe it’s an issue with the motor?

I’ve figured out my issue, it wasn’t the x axis jumping but rather the y axis slipping, seems that one was loose too

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I had some trouble keeping mine from slipping, @jamesdhatch suggested that I feel the screw fall into a slot /thread and the tighten the hell out of it, it ended a bit of frustration. I did Locktight it as well but maybe not needed.