Weird first cuts

So ran some cuts on the new machine and notice a couple weird issues. Generally it’s working, but on last cut it stopped about 1 cm from end, and I noticed that the start/stop on other cut don’t line up great.

Anyone have thoughts on these issues? Job ran fine and didn’t error out at all.

Crossfire w THC, HTP 875SC w machine torch/CNC port.


Is your material clamp firmly clamp to the material?

And It’s The end portion of the cut that’s missing?

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My clamp was on the table, not the piece of metal. The part right in the center is what’s not cut through. Looks like the plasma just died out at the end…

If that’s the end of the cut and that cut is the outside of the part, your cut is going around the part in the wrong direction.

It looks like the Pierce below the center part is in the correct direction, the one that finished.

Put the clamp on the material.


You might have some missed steps somewhere. Check that the lead screws are not slipping. Others will tell you the problem points, but I believe the clamp between the lead screw and stepper motor is one.

Also check lead screw clamp to see if its slipping.

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It’s not the end of the cut that is the problem. Your pierce delay is too short and it’s not cutting the metal until well into the cut loop on the unfinished cut. That splattered part is the pierce location and the clean cut is the lead out.

Your other cut seems to have a proper lead-in and pierce delay, but you lost steps during the cut. You may have a slipping lead screw/motor coupler on that axis.


Right on Dave!!

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Good catch! That’s really odd as the pierce delay and setup is the same on the other cut - all one program - must be the work clamp issue delayed arc fire?

Per other suggestions, I’ll check my lead screws. That completely makes sense as a possible cause.

Thanks Everyone!

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For reasons that I can’t explain, Firecontrol makes the first pierce delay longer than the programmed time. If the other cut was the first pierce of the program, that could explain why the pierce delay was long enough on that cut and not on the next one.

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