Way to start cut halfway through tool path?

My arc stopped halfway through a cut is there a way to restart it?

My damned tip melted wtf…

Too much moisture in your air supply. It can trash your consumables in just a few cuts.

You can restart a program using the run from line or run from loop feature in Firecontrol.


This link has a screenshot walkthrough of run from loop and run from line.


Yeah… I might’ve just used the tip too much today, this was my 4th design I was cutting today, lots of pierces in the other ones too as well as I used it for a few more cuts the other day… moisture in the lines doesn’t help me lol, I need to get a dedicated compressor.

@TinWhisperer you are a life (and material) saver man Langmuir should be paying you (if they aren’t already)

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