Wavy cuts only in y axis

Hello All,
I made my first cut tonight and noticed all cuts in Y direction are wavy.

I thought maybe the carriage bearings were too tight so i readjusted all bearings so i could spin them with little effort.

No change.

one of the y axis steppers is alot louder than the other one. I loosened the couplers and ran each motor individually. the motor with the longer cable is defiantly louder. when i rotate the stepper motor with longer cord by hand it feels like it has “flat spots” / grinding.

Check the motor plugs on the electronics enclosure.

I have unplugged them several times so that i could listen to each motor individually.
what should i be looking for on the plugs?

When I have had that issue, it was plugged air holes in the cap of the torch. Since this seems to be a new setup, that is probably not the case here.

Grab the torch and see if there is play in the Z axis. You might need to adjust the bearings on the Z axis.

If you jog the Gantry at say 50 to 100 IPM and lay your hand on the Gantry while moving does it feel rough? This will shed some light on if you might have binding or motor problem

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I have had that…I trend to do a complete table clean and lube…
clean rails and bearings
clean drive screws and lightly lubricate drive screws and bearings
check the swirl ring inside torch head…