Watertray gallon capacity?

Anyone know how many gallons the tray holds? I’m making a holding tank to mount underneath.

I think I read max was 8 gallons

I use the blue “portable water” container from walmart as my water storage, its a nice cube, holds 7 gallons just about the right amount for the table. Also has a NPT thread on the output might work well as a “pressurized” container to refill but right now I just dump it out. Have ntot felt like buying $40 worth of brass junk .



Thanks, that’s a good fit. I was going to modify a propane tank that could be pressurized but this this is simple and cheap.

Im thinking about using a 15 gallon atv sprayer.( I have one that the bottom drain cap threads are messed up so i can glue it on ) I always have a riding mower or a battery close to the area it will be at. Drill a hole for the drain to go into, bend a peice of tubing to hang over the side of the water table to fill with. Adjustable pressure . Or I may just carry a bucket 30 feet to fill it. Wind chills saposed to be -20 tonight so I have time to think it over.