Water Tray management?

I’ve seen several posts about how to manage the water tray. From RV Anrifreeze, sodium to drain it??? What is the manufactures recommended solution that will not damage the tray.
What say you Daniel from Langmuir Systems???

All of our recommendations for use are provided in the water table instructions which are available on the CrossFire user guide page.

With that said, if you plan to never empty your water table, you must only use regular tap water. If you use sodium nitrite or other rust inhibiting chemicals, it is recommended to drain it after each use.

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You can also do the Green Cut additive which seems to be working pretty good for me. I drain my table after each use even though I would not have to

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Mine showed up today. Gonna give it a go once the 7 day work week schedule let’s up. Lol. Cutting into my fun time.


Ok I’m new to all this and just received my table and currently in process of assembling it. Been reading a lot regarding this topic and now I’m really confused. I’m just a hobbyist so won’t be using on a regular basis, so I don’t understand why if I’m draining my tank after each use that I would need to use expensive product to just dump it down the drain? I’m I missing something?

Most people drain it into another vessel and then pour it back or pump it back into the table for their next use.

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If you use just plain water, your slats and slat holder will rust. If you use some kind of treatment, even borax, the residue left on the slats after draining will inhibit rust. I use the home-made mixture (recipe floating around here), made a 3 qt batch in early 2020 and been using that same batch ever since… not exactly expensive. But, then again, I recycle the fluid. If you dump every load then maybe a solution of borax with every fill will reduce the rusting well enough.


Hey thanks for the info. I think I must have had a oh duh moment, Makes sense to just let it settle and reuse it.

Is this recipe biodegradable abs safe to pour down the drain?

Search the forum for disposing of cutting water. You’ll find recommendations for watering your plants (supposedly the iron is good for your plants) and all sorts of things. To answer your question, no, not good to dump in the drain as the spent fluid will have all sorts of metal suspended in it. Technically it’s not biodegradeable either since the fluid contains a antibacterial agent and a preservative (Sodium Nitrite).

I haven’t disposed of any yet because it mostly evaporates and is simply replaced with more. And I’ve been using it for almost 2 years.

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Thanks for sharing the information.