Water Table water filtering

I’ve been reviewing posts on how to filter the waste water from the water table. It looks like some people are using some sort of pump and filter system. Either to reuse the water or to remove the contaminants before disposing of the water. I’m using “Sterling Cool” as my additive. The OEM recommended filtering the water through a ten micron filter and then disposing of the water. However, I assume that I would need some amount of pressure to force the water through the filter. So my question - is anyone out there using just a simple gravity fed filtering system? If so what are you using? Thanks!

I use a 5 micron filter “Rainfresh” water filter…and I feed it with gravity…and it filters fine…the table drains in about 10-15 minutes…but who cares how long it takes to drain…open valves…walk away…all filterd…drain it through the filter after every use…
I also use Sterling cool…and the water is clear blue everytime I fill the table

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Thanks for the input @toolboy. I agree, I don’t really care if it takes a few minutes to drain out just as long as it filters the contaminants out. I just wasn’t sure if I’d need some amount of pressure to run it through the filter. The simpler the better (and cheaper).

in m y Pro I have 2 bar/kitchen sink drains…they are tied together and taper down to a 1/2" copper to go through the filter…then to my storage tank…from my tank I have a small pump that feeds into the drain line…
so to fill I close the filter line and open the fill valve and run the pump…then once full turn off the pump and close the fill valve…
to drain just open the drain valve…and away it goes…

Nice setup. Thanks for sharing. I just ordered a filter housing. Lets see what I come up with!

My filtration is very simple. See link for pics. I have a bar magnet wrapped in a plastic bag at the bottom of the Sterilite bin, which traps ferrous debris nicely. all the heavy stuff sinks to the bottom as sludge, the water stays remarkably clean.

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Cletus…as a mad scientist and maker you are…your auto fill…with high and low sensor with all the other mods and fantastic things you do…it astounds me that you have a simple magnet in a bag to filter your water…

Seriously…I was expecting some sort of automatic water agitation device with a rotating magnet system that self cleans when the clarity of the water reaches a certain level of particles per volume tested…you know…more mad professor type…

Nah, I spent those funds on Bourbon Instead! :tumbler_glass: :rofl: :rofl:

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damn this man is smart!!!

Hello Cletus,

Interesting setup! I see from your workbench that we might be cut from the same stock. I’ll have to check and see what I have l laying around. Thanks for your input!

Hey, very cool!
However, My bench is mayhem right now, layers of projects one on top of each other and all manner of wire cuttings on the floor! :crazy_face: