Water table stainless steel type?

I have a Crossfire Pro staring to show up and want to get started on the mods I want to do before I assemble it. I have 2 questions so far…

  1. Does anybody know what type of stainless the pans are made of ? suggestion on filler rod ? . I plan on Tig welding my pans together to avoid leaks and welding bungs in for the drains so they will drain completely. It’s been a long while since I Tig welded stainless steel so I plan on picking up a couple pieces of the same type to practice on to remember.

  2. I plan on figuring out a coolant management system so the table will fill itself, drain itself and maintain the coolant level while in use. I will need a spot on the side of the pan that I can weld a bung to so I can use a no touch level sensor. Can anybody think of a place in the pans that’s out of the way of loading or using the machine ? I plan on 3D printing a rectangular tube that will mount to the bottom of the pan then curve up to the top of the pan so I can attach a no touch sensor that can see the coolant level to it.

1 you are going to have fun
2 use the search feature
3 you need to look up a member name Cletus…he is a electronic mad scientist…there are actually a few here
4 use the search feature to look up different things
5 I just bolted the pans together…added 1/4" water to the pans then melted them together at the flange…no filler rod…melted them close enough that no need to worry about drainage problems
6 use the search feature
7 when I installed the pans I did not worry about drainage as they naturally drain right down.
8 guess what…did I mention search function…


I would not worry about coolant level while in use…you do not burn though so much water each day you have to worry about it emptying out

do not try designing to much now…build the table then decide…you will change your mind 100 times on the mods you want to do.


Table is 201 grade.

Thank yo for your reply,
I have looked at Cletus’s mods and plan to incorporate most of them into my machine. I already ordered and received the touch screen monitor and stand, mini PC, wire tracks… etc.

My shop is automated so I can talk to it to have it do things like turn compressors on and off, lights on, Music on with volume control, outside security cameras with different views on the TV… etc. I thought it would work well to be able to tell the table to fill up instead of standing around waiting for it to fill up and have it drain when I tell the shop to turn off so I don’t forget.

I did use the search function but didn’t see anything on the type of stainless.

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Thank You for letting me know

There is no need for filler rod. Just bolt them together, fusion weld the sections between the bolts, remove the bolts, Grind the bolt slots into a V and fusion weld them. Obviously, clean the surfaces with acetone before welding. Check the corner welds also.

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+1 on this. The manual mentions needing to do this when you’re using the caulking method. It applies to welding as well. Tig fusion welding should be fine there too but otherwise a few dabs of filler will take care of any leaking there. I use ER308L rod for most SS. 1/16 is good with a lanthanated tungsten.

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