Water table screws leaking (Solved)

Im have some leaking from water table. not at the seam, but around the screws that hold it onto the frame. i couldnt find any other threads on this topic. anyone replace the rubber seals? any recs on an upgrade or something that works better? thanks for the advice

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Most of the time screws with sealing washer get cut from a burr from the self tapping or over tightened. I know the marine sealant work very well you could always remove the screw and apply that and reinstall. Make sure you don’t over tighten and let it cure 24 hours minimum.

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thanks, ill probably give that a try.

Hi, I used butyl tape first between the two pans and then both pans as a unit with tape between the lower cross tubes along the screw holes on the bottom of the pans, the only thing is that you have you make sure the pans are positioned correctly while setting them down or an easier option is to use the butyl rubber sealant in the caulk tube, I just used what I had on hand.

I just put sealant around them when done tighten them …

I’m done with assembly now. Waiting on my Sterling Cool to show up before I fill the table.
I just used the Goop marine sealant that came with the table. I’ve used it before and it works great. All I need to do before I fill is go over all my seams and fasteners once more and see if any need a little more sealant. I think I’m good, but it doesn’t hurt to make absolutely sure before any liquid is introduced.
I’m dying to get the table going, but I don’t want to have to drain it because I was impatient.

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The 3m 4200 marine is the best to use or PL marine is good if 4200 can’t be found. That goop has no body to it (runny mess) you will have leaks if using goop. I purchased PL marine to seal my water trays on my XR no leaks. My crossfire pro I tig welded the water trays. Choose not to tig weld water trays on XR wanted to use marine sealant, no leaks. Not everyone has tig welder.


I totally agree that is the best sealant I have ever used

Never had it failed on all the boats I have used on over the years.

I applied the Goop marine that came with the table and it worked very well on the seams and hardware, no leaks whatsoever. I just took my time and went back the next day and re applied in spots that were suspect. I also applied the Goop right over the self tapping screws just to be safe and guarantee no leaks. It is a bit runny, but seals very well, flows out in a small puddle around the screw and neoprene washer. 100% success.
I almost used 3M 5200 marine sealant, what I used when I raised the outdrive and through hull fittings below the waterline on our houseboat. I’m sure it’s similar to the 4200 others have used and 3M makes high quality sealants.
But, don’t count out the Goop Marine, it works well.

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