Water Table Leveling Impossible

I have been unable to level the crossfire water table across the y axis through any methodology described in videos or on the forum that uses the standard bolt pattern and purchased components. Is there anything I am missing that could possibly be throwing it that far out of level as to be beyond adjustment. I have loosened all bolts at this point now and have several legs at their extremes. The problem is completely in the y direction but is worse at the extreme of the x axis as well. I am incredibly frustrated at this point and dissatisfied with that portion of the product.

Is there anything else I could possible do to fix this issue not described and not requiring me to do some workaround with the table?

In the end i cut half an inch off the offending leg table with my bandsaw as it was half an inch longer than the others. I loosened every joint on the table. Leveled the table then releveled the gantry. Only took me 6 hours of mucking about. As soon as I did that I am cutting conveyor parts out of 1/8" steel and getting ready to cut a bellhousing adapter plate this week out of 3/8". I think they should go a little more into the issue with leveling the tables in their videos. Maybe suggest checking the lengths of the legs. Also several of my casters appear to not be true. I think the table would be better with kick down adjuster pegs and just static casters.

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I think the table would be better with kick down adjuster pegs and just static casters.

I agree. I’m gonna make that modification soon. For whatever reason, stem casters don’t survive long in my shop. I hate them. And the table will be much more stable resting on leveling feet. I hate to grind into the powder coat… but plate casters and leveling feet are a must.

Was there a batch of legs that had the holes punched in the wrong spot? That would explain why it was so far off

I had similar results when I assembled my table, I could not get it leveled with the casters and it wasn’t even close. So I removed the casters and sat the legs on the level concrete then loosened all of the corner bolts and it settled down level. I figured that when it was on my work table and I tightened it down, I had it twisted so I counted that as operator error. I never checked the length of the legs but since it leveled out, I didn’t have any reason to.

Good luck


I have the same issue. I have to barely tighten all the leg bolts in order to get it level. If I tighten them up at all it gets all out of wack. I don’t like that the table moves now when in use but I don’t know what else to do.

I found putting about a 100 pound of 1/2" plate on it when i adjusted it with the bolts loose was also a helpful bit i forgot to include. I know most here seem to be not cutting that thick.

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I framed out the lower legs with 1" square tube, this helped stable up the legs a bit, but I still have not been able to level the bed ( I have one corner that is a bit high). I am going to try to take the casters off next to see if that helps. I think the leveling feet might be the way to go.

This is what I did to my pro, built a roller base with casters welded square tube to each corner of base set table leg levelers in tubes so table wouldn’t slide off base. pushed table where I use it and level the table off the roller frame never out of whack when I roll it out to clean around it, then push back into place. No strain on table or legs.