Water table drainage system necessary?

Is it necessary to create a water fill/drain/filtration system or can I just unscrew one of the plugs and have the water fall into a bucket or some other container underneath? Also does GreenCut plasma fluid stay perfectly mixed with the water uniformly or does it overtime settle to the bottom or to one side. I’m basically asking if I NEED to have a pump that consistently redistributes the water/GreenCut solution to keep it uniform along the entirety of the table.

You don’t really need anything fancy. After a few drains and fills you’ll want it though.

I know when I mix my fluid it seems to settle before I pour it in, but I can’t really tell once it’s in the table and the holding tanks if it’s settling.

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Greencut stays mixed…I have had it for a year now…although I drain and clean my water…it stays mixed for a week no problem.

Here are some issues you need to think about.

  • The drain supplied has a high lip…not all water will drain and will result in a harder clean up time.
  • not draining and cleaning/filtering your water/fluid mixture means the mixture works harder at preventing rust in the metal in the contaminated water…your Ph balance will be hard to maintain.
  • Ph balance ensures a rust free fluid and a fluid that performs well
  • if you drain into a bucket…keep it closed to prevent evaporation…
  • many guys use just water and drain it regularly…you will get rust in the tray and on your metal.
  • no need to circulate the fluid…we use pumps to re-fill the table…us old guys do not like lifting up heavy pails of fluid…
  • I actually have a 10micron filter on my water return to tank to reduce metal particulates to extend the life of my fluid.
  • I can cut metal and pull it off the table wet…and it will not rust…for weeks…
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Where can I purchase this green liquid components in Canada. I read it is a borax water solution with green food coloring ?

The borax and food coloring are easy to find here in Canada I couldn’t find a good source for the sodium nitrite needed. Not sure why. Wouldn’t expect it to be a restricted chemical, but… So I threw in the towel and ordered Greencut from lubeclean.ca

Was a tad expensive, but if it’s good enough for @toolboy it’s good enough for me! :grin:

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so far I have been real pleased with greencut…thinking of trying the blue stuff (sterlingCool)…compare the two…then compare prices…

Sterling cool is $243 for 5 gallon pail plus tax.
Greencut $225 5 gallon pail + $53 shiiping + $36.14 Tax =$314.14

might just go and try the Sterling cool

I’ve been happy with it. I mix it thinner than they recommend and don’t see rust or any other issues. When mixing at their recommended thickness it started leaving a syrupy residue.

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I mix mine thinner too. Green Cut comes from Canada. Great guy to do business with but after buying it I would probably try the borax first. I’m going to try the borax I don’t have a tank but I had my table welded together and had SS couplings welded to the bottom so there’s no lip. I have pvc from one drain the the other with a valve at the end and a 5 gallon bucket. I just add water to replace what evaporates and don’t any more Green Cut until I clean the table. I got a rusty film on the slats once but it washed right off with the hose.