Water Table Drain Upgrade

Finally got fed up with that little drain in my Crossfire Water Table. Every time I wanted to change out the water and clean up the table, I knew it was gonna take forever having to constantly unclog the 1/4 inch drain hole. :roll_eyes:. So I decided it was time to make a trip to lowes to see what I could come up with to solve this issue with my table. Here’s what I did.
Removed existing plug and placed a pipe flange (with 1 inch pipe threaded center hole) on top of the table to mark holes to be drilled. The hole in the center was already the perfect size.
Drilled the holes with 1/4in drill bit
Purchased stainless screws/bolts to use for mounting, but I ended up using a different style stainless screw
Used black RTV to seal flange under table
Next I bolted the flange in from the bottom and let it sit for a few hours to allow the RTV to set up for a good seal.
This is a pic of the 1 inch ball valve and extension which will screw to the flange mounted to the bottom of the table.
This shows the completed assembly and drain bucket under my Crossfire Plasma Table.
Final view from the top. I switched the bolts to carriage bolts to make clean up around the rounded bolt heads easier than that of the bolts I originally showed in the pic above. Added some new slats and we’re off to easier and much faster clean up of the table when necessary!


I did pretty much the same. Although when I was at Lowes, I also got one of the 17 gallon bins that had a lid for $9 and picked up a 150gallon pond pump from the gardening section.
Drains very quickly and fills in about 4 minutes. Other people adopted using Scotch Bright pads over the holes. I did the same and it keeps material from trying to suck down the drain and you get a bit of filtering too. :slight_smile: Nice Job YourCustomCar!